Yarn Dyeing Expertise

We specialise in a range of yarn dyeing techniques and are expert hank dyers for the carpet, hand knitting and hosiery industries. Whatever your requirements from a simple dye batch through to mothproofing, flame proofing or adding stain-proofing we can offer a complete hank dyeing service.

Hank Dyeing Equipment & Services

Our hank dyeing equipment is able to offer capacity from 5 kilo sample weights to 1000 kilos and we can provide coupled capacity using a link device for large carpet yarn units which allows us to produce up to 2000 kilos of dyed yarn of the same shade. We are specialist hank dyers for the following types of yarns, however as commission dyers we are happy discuss your individual needs and have worked on a range of specialist dyeing processes and yarns.

Carpet Yarn

We can dye 100% wool, a range of wool/nylon mixtures as well as 100% acrylic yarns and other combinations of manmade and natural fibres. Our latest machinery allows means we can dye a range of hank sizes up to 4 kilo jumbos.

However, if you need extra services such as mothproofing, flameproofing, stain-guarding or Disperstat, we can provide these as well as more unusual dyeing techniques. We also provide back winding facilities should you require it.

Hand-knitting and Hosiery Yarns

We now have double stick dyeing machines to ensure that we can obtain high quality hank dyeing results on a range of standard wool, Superwash wool, acrylic/nylon yarns as well as mohair. Using this method of hank dyeing coupled with our expertise ensures that we can deliver consistent shades and a fast turn-around.

To find out more about our hank dyeing services, just get in touch on 01274 691333, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help you.